As student landlords, we value our tenants safety as one of our top priorities. This is why at Student Lettings Point we look to constantly update our knowledge with approparite training. As accredited members of the Residential Landlords Association and the National Landlords Association we are regularly given opportunites to attend training courses with the most up to date information. As part of our license issued by Liverpool City Council there are standards we have to meet to uphold this license.

One key section is on fire safety. We are pleased to announce we have just successfully passed a training course called "Fire Safety: How to Protect Your Tenants and Your Property". This is a brand new course from the RLA which has the latest information regarding fire safety, legislation and risk assessment.

All our properties have the appropriate fire doors, door closers, intermittent strips, heat detectors, smoke alarms, fire blankets, fire safety signs, emergency lights and emergency exit signs installed. All doors are fitted with thumbturn-locks so that during an emergency, you do not require your keys to exit the building. We perform regular full fire alarm tests across all the above, ensuring that every item is up to standard and if anything does need replacing we can get it fixed quickly. On top of this, our fire alarm system is fully serviced twice a year by approved certified contractors as well as a comprehensive annual electrical inspection.

When our tenants move in we give them full fire training on how the alarm system works as well as how to exit the building safely. We encourage our tenants to exit the building rather than tackle fires, as their safety is paramount.

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