When living in our Liverpool Student Accommodation it's inevitable that noise could be an issue at some point during your tenancy.

We understand that not everyone has the same taste in music or keeps the same hours, so below are some tips to reduce nuisance noise;

  • Introduce yourselves to the other flats and neighbours - When your all set up and moved in, why not drop round to the other flats and your neighbours to introduce yourselves. Ask them to drop by if they have any problems before any further escalation. They will appreciate the effort you've made and it could help resolve any future problems.
  • Try to reduce the noise from the TV and Bluetooth Speaker - Just reposition them away from walls or off the ground, your flatmates and neighbours might find a heavy bass distracting. Adjusting your bass down will make a huge difference too.
  • Use headphones - If it’s late, but you still want to listen to your music, please use your headphones.
  • Leave the party outside - Try to resist the temptation to bring a big night out back to your room or flat. Your flatmates and neighbours may have to be up early for their exams or job, and will probably be sleeping or revising.
  • Be a good listener - If someone talks to you about an issue, hear them out. Try to understand why they may have an issue and then look at offering a solution. It could be as simple as writing down a schedule of when people have exams or are in work to make sure everyone in the flat is aware. 
  • Communicate - Let your flatmates and neighbours know about any parties/big nights in that you are planning a couple of days before. If you’ve got a WhatsApp group for your flat, write something on there so that other people know, and they can let you know if they have to be up early the next day.

There are polite notices posted around our Liverpool Student Accommodation reminding tenants to keep noise to a minimum when in and around the student property and furthermore informs them of the Tenancy Conditions in relation to noise or anything that may cause a nuisance to their fellow students or neighbours.

Student Lettings Point takes any complaint very seriously - so if all else fails, we are more than happy to help you. You can contact us, explain the issue and we will take appropriate action to resolve the situation.

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