Student Lettings Point provides all tenants with access to super fast fibre optic broadband. We know how important the internet is for your studies which is why when selecting a internet provider, we make sure we get the fastest and most reliable service.

It is all well and good having a fast incoming line but the technology in the building is just as important. This is why we have recently upgraded our wifi system so the speed and coverage remains high across all our city centre student apartments.

When you move into our Liverpool student accommodation we will give you a password for your apartments wifi access and are happy to assist getting you online. We often get asked similar questions by our tenants so we have made a list below to help get you started.

Our Top 5 Wifi Questions


Q) How fast is the internet and is there any usage caps?

A) Our internet supplier provides us with super fast fibre broadband of speeds up to 76Mbps. We also use a business provider which means there is no speed restrictions during peak times and unlimited downloads.


Q)  I cannot connect to my apartments wifi?

A)  Make sure the password is typed exactly as supplied - this includes uppercase, lowercase as well as any numbers or symbols.


Q) I've typed the password correctly and I still cannot get online!?

A) Each device connected to the access point is given a individual IP Address - occasionally there is a conflict which can cause you not to be able to connect, restart your laptop or device and this should solve the problem straight away.


Q) I've restarted my laptop, the password is right and I still can't connect?

A) Like all technology, sometimes our wifi access points need a restart, this is done by turning them on and off - we show you how to do this upon moving into the property and can give you a refresher whenever you like!


Q) I just can't work it out....

A) We know how important the internet is to our tenants. At Student Lettings Point there is no letting agents or 3rd party managing agent, you can contact us directly. This means no delays in waiting for a decision, and we can get you back online ASAP.






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